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A message from Nour Emam

Motherbeing CEO & Founder

For too long now anything related to the female body has been sidelined, discussed in shame-ridden, hush-hush rooms where misinformation and taboo have driven the conversation. Despite making up 50% of the global population, women’s sexual and reproductive health is repeatedly neglected and overlooked. That’s where Motherbeing comes in - boldly and passionately.

We are focused on empowering and protecting the underserved Arab woman through trusted Reproductive and Sexual Health care that is anchored in equality, inclusivity and accessibility. I couldn’t be more proud of the community we have built, the stories we have shared and the connections we have made through this journey thus far. This is only the beginning and we couldn’t be more excited for you to come on this journey with us as we collectively revolutionize women’s health in the region.

With love and a lot of passion,
Nour Emam

About Motherbeing

Motherbeing was founded on the need for accessible, culture-centered information and services for women surrounding their reproductive and sexual health in the Arab world.

Nearly 3 years in and 2.5 million users on social media, we aim to continue to create judgement-free, safe digital spaces where women can access information, services and products to thrive on their health journeys.

At Motherbeing, you are our focus and your needs and pains are our driver to creating solutions that will truly enhance your quality of life.

Here, you know you are taken care of in a safe, science-backed and empathetic digital space. We are your body companions, we are with you every step of your health journey.