Our Story

The first digital platform providing easy, at your pace RSH education in Arabic with a strong integrated online community of empowered and like-minded individuals to engage and learn from one another.

Every Arab woman’s body companion.


Hi! Welcome to Mother Being, the leading body literacy & wellness hub for women across the MENA region.


We provide accessible, on-demand, simple, evidence-based and culture-centered sexual and reproductive health education for women in the MENA region.

MOTHER BEING was founded by Nour Emam as a means to empower and liberate women in the MENA region through education and awareness about their reproductive and sexual health.

The focus of MOTHER BEING is to create easy, informative content and education surrounding women's bodies and health, that is accessible to everyone in the Arabic speaking world. MOTHER BEING's sole mission is to arm women with the information they need, regardless of societal norms, to learn and make informed decisions about their bodies and their reproductive health.

We believe in the power of community and of learning together. With over one million organic followers across social media, MOTHER BEING has become the most sought out sexual and reproductive health education platform on social media in the Arab world. In a year, MOTHER BEING has become the go-to educational entity for women in the MENA region and beyond.



Meet the Team


Nour Emam, MOTHER BEING's CEO and Founder. She is a fertility, birth and postpartum doula as well as a women's health educator. 

Her work ranges from working one-on-one with women preparing for birth as well as providing support during and after birth, to teaching group classes on cycle awareness, birth preparation and has recently added a monthly open-discussion session on reproductive and sexual health for women. Nour’s personality and passion make her one of the most impactful online personalities in the Arab world around Sexual and Reproductive Health. 


Fayrouz Ibrahim, MOTHER BEING’s Head of Research and the Community Manager.

Fayrouz completed her undergraduate studies in Anthropology, specifically from a cultural and social standpoint and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts degree in Anthropology and Sociology. She is extremely passionate about womanhood, gender theory and dynamics, post-colonial and intersectional feminism.
Fayrouz also enjoys poetry, photography, and reading (favorites include Audre Lorde’s ‘Sister Outsider’ and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s ‘Between the World and Me’). 


Shahd Omar, MOTHER BEING’s Innovation and Business Development Officer.

Shahd’s work involves envisioning the growth of the platform and working on bringing these possibilities to life. Shahd is also a trauma-sensitive yoga teacher based in Cairo. She teaches body-mind focused yin and vinyasa yoga classes and workshops with a focus on pelvic health yoga for women. She also teaches on consent, boundaries, and pleasure. 


Nour Hegazy, MOTHER BEING’s Head of Education.

Nour has a bachelor’s degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies, and a master’s degree in Comparative Education. Her professional background is in educational planning and curriculum design, and her goal is to create non-formal education programs that focus on nurturing individual’s social, emotional, and cognitive competencies. Most recently, she's helped create a community space for Egyptian women in urban poverty to talk about mental health, make meaningful connections, and foster a strong sense of self. From the work she’s seen and done, she knows that education is one of the most powerful tools we have for creating meaningful, sustainable, change- which is why she loves what she does so much.


Alia, MOTHER BEING’s Graphic Designer and Researcher

Alia is currently a Graphic Design senior, with a great passion for visual communication, illustration and editorial design. Alia has also shown great passion for environmental sustainability and the need to mainstream alternative lifestyle solutions. To do so, Alia initiated a games & toys collective that creates 100% recyclable and sustainable toys for children, Nebny. Professionally, Alia initiated a design studio, Studio Einn. Alia is also passionate about social change and the need to alter collective perception on gender stereotypes & inequalities and promote body literacy. 


Zeina Belasy, MOTHER BEING’s Translator and Researcher.

Zeina graduated with a major in media and a minor in media translation. She is so passionate about using media for social change. As a media student, she’s worked on documentaries about women’s rights and child abuse. Her graduation project was a short film about touch deprivation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zeina believes in the importance of talking about sex, body boundaries, and consent, especially in Arabic. This is why she’s so excited to be a translator with Mother Being.