• Leading the sexual and reproductive health awareness movement in the MENA region.

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In a year, MOTHER BEING has become the go-to educational entity for women in the MENA region and beyond.

MOTHER BEING offers a variety of Arabic-only, online classes for women ranging from Menstrual Health, Birth Preparation, a monthly women’s circle and most recently the first pleasure -centered and accessible sex education class. MOTHER BEING has proudly taught over 1000 women about their bodies and their rights.

Featured In

Our work has also been featured in various news and media outlets across the world.

What People Are Saying

"Learned so much in the periods mastering your cycle class! So eye opening and Nour is just amazing! Absolutely recommend, I wish anyone would have given me this information before I even got my period."


"Nour has a great way of teaching in a simple manner while remaining really fun and the content is very relatable. I'm a pharmacy student and I had a great time bridging the gap between biology and our bodies' in a more practical way so it's not as 'alien' to me. I really recommend this class and I had a blast!"


"This class made me connect the diagrams I saw in biology class with my body. It helped me visualize the dynamics of my body and realize how everything is connected. Nour also discusses general mental and physical health to provide the participants with a complete holistic picture. 100% recommend this eye-opening class."