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Motherbeing creates accessible, culture-centered information and services that help Arab women navigate their sexual and reproductive health journeys.


Bridal Bootcamp

Delivered by Nour Emam. CEO, Doula & Sex Educator.
Everything you need for your wedding night in our one month-long online program.

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النسبة الي كان برنامج رائع و كل المعلومات الي كنت عاوزاها وصلتني كدا انا مرتاحة لأول ليلة و حتى لكل الليالي الي رح تكون بينيبوبين جوزي بتمنى تضلوا تدتمو المرأة بالمعلومات المفيدة دي و تعملوا فقرات تانية!
⎯ Shaza
It was great having the WhatsApp group to share our enthusiasm about the program but to also have the motherbeing team on WhatsApp and feel the freedom of texting any of you with any questions, everyone on the team was very supportive and helpful and available. Not once was I left hanging or felt that I was asking too much
⎯ Cairo News
I had little info on birth control and contraceptives, I knew of things, but I didn't know how they worked on our bodies, their effects and their effectiveness percentage. The chart that came with it was SUPER helpful as well as the detailed explanations in the videos
⎯ Dr. Salma Ahmed
"Very informative , I felt great ownership about my body after i understood my entire cycle."
⎯ Sarah
كل فيديو فيه معلومات كتيرة ومفيدة واستفدت جدًا منه التوتر قليل والتحمس كتير. عرَفتيني ازاي الحياة بتمشي بعدين ما بينا احنا التنين. بجد شكراً
Loved the program! I think it's very essential for upcoming brides. I was skeptical entering the program and went in mainly for the second week's content. but honestly, it did not disappoint at all.
Good for your body, good for your soul
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