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Program by Nour Emam, Doula & Sex Educator
Everything you need to know to be prepared for your wedding night

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Motherbeing creates accessible, culture-centered information and services that help Arab women navigate their sexual and reproductive health journeys.

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“Informative, thorough, easy-to-understand, and absolutely essential to every woman out there, no matter what your awareness level is.”
⎯ Shaza
"Mother Being: Breaking taboos around sex education, reproductive health in Egypt."
⎯ Cairo News
"The Perfect Hub for Education and Awarness on Womens' Health."
⎯ Dr. Salma Ahmed
"Very informative , I felt great ownership about my body after i understood my entire cycle."
⎯ Sarah

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Tune in to our weekly podcast about reproductive and sexual health with our founder Nour Emam
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